The street map

mapcover_web no borderTo launch the project we have created a Grassroots Diretory Street Map, brilliantly drawn by our illustrator Laura Barnard, to show how it works and fits together (see below).

Everything in our Grassroots Directory map is happening now in Britain. You might not find these projects all in one place, but in many and varied locations. We have put all the elements in the map together from citywide projects, neighbourhood initiatives and street groups; from enterprises that are changing the look and feel of villages, market towns and bioregions all over the country.

The Directory will be ‘joining the dots’ not only to reveal a colourful pattern of these projects across the UK, but also to highlight the friendly and cohesive nature of grassroots culture. At its heart is the sharing of good ideas and practical information.

Whatever their size or vision, all grassroots projects create a new social infrastructure. The map illustrate how these can work together and bring about new relationships and public spaces for people to enjoy, as well as bring meaning and a feeling of belonging into everyone’s lives. They are a great way to show how grassroots actions link up.

bike_webIf you would like to distribute some (free) maps in your area do get in touch. The maps are folded A5 and contain key information about the Directory and how to contribute.


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