Project A-Z


A is for Allotments, Z is for Zero Waste

The directory will follow an A-Z format for quick and easy reference, and there will be a full place index at the back too. Looking for a co-operative bakery in Liverpool? No problem! Look under Bakeries at the front, or Liverpool at the back. (Answer: the wonderful Homebaked in Anfield that is also home to a Neighbourhood Land Trust).

There will be several categories or ‘streams’ within the book that group the projects together such as ENERGY or CULTURE. ACTION will give information on how to organise local pressure groups. FOOD will share best practice to start up a community garden or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each of the main projects will also detail some of the joys (and challenges) of working in community or co-operative groups.

Whatever their size or vision, all grassroots projects create a new social infrastructure. Getting involved and connected brings everyone’s skills and knowledge to the fore, whether this is leading a foraging walk, or giving advice at a ‘reskilling’ event, or organising a hydro project in the local river. They create new relationships and public spaces for people to enjoy, as well as bring meaning and a feeling of belonging into everyone’s lives.

We want The Grassroots Directory to be full of possibilities for people looking towards a future that is fairer, more Earth-friendly, and – yes – more fun too!


Here is a taster selection of some of the subjects we’ll be covering:

A is for Alternative Currencies

B is for Bakeries and Bees

C is for Community Supported Agriculture, Compost and Co-ops of all kinds

D is for Divestment (from fossil fuels) and Draught Busting

E is for ENERGY (the community-owned kind)

F is for Foraging, Fruit Harvesting and Fermentation

G is for Garden Share and Give and Take Days

H is for Hens in the backyard and Hackerspace in The Hub

J is for Real Junk Food cafes

K is for Kitchen and for the feasts that bring folk together

L is for Land Share and Lidos

M is for Markets and Makers Spaces

N is for Neighbourhood Festival (every one needs one!)

O is for Orchard (for plums, pears, apples, cherries, hazelnuts…..)

P is for Pop Up Shops and Potato Days

R is for Repair Cafes and Rewilding

S is for Solar and Solar Buying Clubs (for roofs all over town) Seed Swaps and Share Shops

T is for Tool Libraries and Trade Schools

U is for Umbrella organisation and Upcycling schemes

V is for Veg Box and Velomobiles (and bikes of all kinds)

W is for Wellbeing and Walks and Woodlandbuying-coop_web

X is for the Xtra that happens when things are shared

Z is for Zero Waste (and max enjoyment)

Do get in touch if you know of any more:


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